Oven repairs for Geelong clients

Oven repairs that Geelong homes rely on during festivities

November 29, 2021

The house is packed for the festive season, there’s heaps of Christmas cooking to do and the oven is on the blink. So where do you turn for professional oven repairs in Geelong? At Morgan Electrics & Gas, our experienced crew provides prompt and reliable repairs and servicing for ovens and stoves over the summer...

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Appliance repairs Geelong

Qualified appliance repairs for Geelong clients

October 20, 2021

Morgan Electrics & Gas provide highly qualified appliance repairs to Geelong clients who need a prompt service that they can rely on. When your household appliances are damaged and breakdown, it can be highly inconvenient and stop daily operations such as cooking and doing the washing. In the case that your appliances require a repair,...

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air conditioning unit servicing in Lara.

Quality air conditioning unit servicing for Lara clients  

September 1, 2021

As we know, an air conditioning unit is a luxury that we all love to use. However, when they start to play up or break down, it is ever so important to know a team that can service and repair it to an amazing standard. That’s where the team at Morgan Electrics and Gas come...

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Vacuum servicing Geelong

Geelong’s vacuum servicing professionals are at Morgan Electrics & Gas

August 10, 2021

Are you in the Geelong area and looking for the best crew to service your vacuum? Then look no further than the expert team at Morgans Electrics and Gas for leading Geelong vacuum servicing. The crew at Morgans Electrics and Gas are experts in repairing and servicing all types of equipment and vacuums are no...

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Air conditioning unit servicing in Lara,

Split System Servicing in Torquay that you can rely on

July 27, 2021

A healthy split system can be a game-changer for your Torquay home in 2021, keeping you warm in the winter whilst also providing fresh cool air on a stuffy summer afternoon. That’s why the experts at Morgan Electrical and Gas are here to assist you with your split system servicing in Torquay, at an affordable...

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Air conditioning unit servicing in Lara,

Professional split system servicing that you can rely on in Armstrong Creek

May 6, 2021

A fully functional air conditioning and split system can be the difference on a cold day between the temperature being bearable or unbearable inside your home. Don’t let your service history fall behind. That’s why the experts at Morgan Electrical and Gas are here to assist you with your split system servicing in Armstrong Creek,...

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Trusted appliance repairs in Torquay

April 22, 2021

Since 1965, Morgans Electrics and Gas have been providing appliance repairs in Torquay. The team are able to carry out service with the utmost professionalism and care by tradesmen who are well trained and experienced in electrical and gas appliance servicing, repairs and spare parts restoration. Now in its third generation of being a family-owned...

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Washing Machine Servicing Lara

Do you need qualified washing machine servicing in Lara?

March 12, 2021

Morgan Electrics and Gas provide professional and efficient washing machine servicing for clients in Lara that ensure these essential machines run smoothly and safely all year round. When it comes to keeping the clothes of you and your family clean, nothing does the job as good as a high-quality washing machine. At Morgan Electrics and...

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Appliance warranty repairs Geelong

High-quality appliance warranty repairs in Geelong

February 27, 2021

  When your hard-working appliances break down, you need a professional team to carry out appliance warranty repairs in Geelong. And you want that team to be skilled, efficient and prompt, so you can get your day back on track with as little disruption as possible. Just imagine if you run a professional kitchen and...

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