Split system servicing for Geelong homes

March 31, 2020

Why regular split system servicing is recommended by cooling experts Morgan Electrics & Gas offer split system servicing in Geelong for a large range of split system models and brands, including Mitsubishi, LG, Daikin and much more. From preventing breakdowns to ensuring your split system is operating as energy efficiently, split system servicing is critical...

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Speed Queen washing machines in Geelong

February 28, 2020

Morgan Electrics & Gas are proud to offer industry-leading Speed Queen washing machines in Geelong. Our large range of Speed Queen washing machines includes both top and front loaders, we can also offer the washing machine and dryer stack if this is something you’re looking for. Speed Queen’s washing machines are built tough, offer advanced...

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Your vacuum servicing experts in Geelong

December 17, 2019

Professional vacuum servicing in Geelong is the best way to ensure your trusty household appliance sucks. And while “suck” is not a term we usually want applied to most of our household appliances, it’s the real deal when it comes to vacuum cleaners. After all, who wants to put the effort into vacuuming their home...

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Importance of split system servicing in Geelong

October 31, 2019

With temperatures already marching into the 30s across the region this October, it’s a timely reminder to book in split system servicing in Geelong. Warm weather in not just on the way, it’s already arrived. And that means split system air conditioners will take a beating as people strive to keep cool in their homes....

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Split system servicing for Geelong summer

August 26, 2019

Have you booked our experts to carry out the split system servicing Geelong people rely on before summer hits? Yes, we know it feels like summer is a long way off. But as spring emerges from a frosty winter, the hotter months are really just around the corner. And before you know it sweltering heat...

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Geelong experts in electric oven repairs help keep things cooking in kitchens

June 25, 2019

When it comes to essential household appliances, the trusty kitchen oven can stand proud. Because of the daily demands on these ovens, it’s important they remain in good condition to operate efficiently. But if something goes wrong, you need an experienced team to carry out Geelong electric oven repairs as soon as possible. At Morgan...

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Arrange Geelong gas heater servicing before winter hits

April 30, 2019

That fresh bite to the morning air is a sign that winter is on its way. But rather than just heralding the approaching change of season, we think it’s also an indication to get cracking and organise Geelong gas heater servicing at your home. Over the next five months the trusty household heater will take...

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5 benefits of servicing your heater before the Geelong winter hits

March 30, 2019

No one wants to be left in the cold when the nasty weather hits. Which is why it’s important to have your heater serviced by Geelong heating and cooling experts, Morgan Electrics & Gas before the depth of winter is upon us. There are many benefits to be had when it comes to servicing your...

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Split-system servicing keeps Geelong homes cool

February 26, 2019

Domestic split system air conditioners often take a hammering over a hot summer as they toil to keep temperatures at a comfortable level for residents. So it makes sense to ensure they get some professional care and attention before winter hits, and they take on the task of keeping people warm as the temperature plummets....

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Avoid costly repairs with dishwasher servicing in Geelong

December 21, 2018

Your trusty dishwasher takes a dirty job off your hands every time you press the ‘start’ button. Day in, day out, we load these time-saving kitchen appliances and leave them to work their magic and make our lives easier. But if we expect them to deliver clean sparkling crockery and cutlery every wash, then it’s...

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