December 21, 2018

Your trusty dishwasher takes a dirty job off your hands every time you press the ‘start’ button.

Day in, day out, we load these time-saving kitchen appliances and leave them to work their magic and make our lives easier. But if we expect them to deliver clean sparkling crockery and cutlery every wash, then it’s time to consider regularĀ dishwasher servicing in Geelong.

At Morgan Electrics and Gas, our experienced team knows hard-working equipment can lose efficiency over time through wear and tear and other factors including blockages. Getting professionals to carry out quality servicing and maintenance ensures your dishwasher continues to work at its optimum level for years.

In fact, ignoring the need for maintenance can cost you dearly in the long run. Small, niggling problems with a dishwasher can become large, expensive ones if left unattended. This can impact your wallet, your time and your patience – especially if the dishwasher breaks down, leaving you with a kitchen full of dirty plates, cups and cutlery to wash by hand.

Our dishwasher servicing specialists in Geelong are well versed in inspecting dishwashers for faults and can swiftly solve a range of common problems with quality repairs and spare parts. From perished door seals that cause the appliance to leak, to clogged arms, drainage, pump and pipe connection issues, we can get your appliance back on track.

While getting professionals to carry out expert maintenance can help boost the lifespan of your dishwasher, there are easy actions you can do yourself to keep your dishes sparkling clean.

These include –

  • Regularly cleaning the filter;
  • Stacking your dishwasher correctly. Don’t cram dirty dishes together so tightly they’re leaning on each other or you won’t get a quality clean;
  • And ensuring the spray arms aren’t blocked and can spin freely.

With households filling with family and friends over the festive season and summer break, demand on your dishwasher will be high. So make sure it is up to the task. Please contact our team to arrange a professional service to keep your trusty kitchen companion working well.