April 30, 2019

That fresh bite to the morning air is a sign that winter is on its way.

But rather than just heralding the approaching change of season, we think it’s also an indication to get cracking and organise Geelong gas heater servicing at your home.

Over the next five months the trusty household heater will take a hammering as people try to stay warm. While the heater is a true winter workhorse, you can’t expect that “steed” to race like Winx all the way down the straight into spring unless it’s had good preparation.

And that preparation involves a comprehensive service before the workload starts. While pre-winter Geelong gas heater servicing is a great idea every year, householders should aim to get their appliance checked at least every two years to make sure it is running efficiently and safely.

At Morgan Electrics and Gas, our qualified and licensed plumbers are well equipped to service a range of gas heaters in homes and businesses across the region. We carry out thorough checks on the appliance in question, including an inspection of the flue as well as hoses and connections.

We will also check for toxic carbon monoxide fumes during the service. Carbon monoxide, which has the potential to cause death, is an issue everyone with a gas heater should know about. This factor alone is a good reason to get your heater serviced regularly.

A pre-winter heater service can also deliver the goods when it comes to energy bills. A unit that’s performing efficiently will use less energy, which means lower bills for households.

While it’s important to let qualified professionals handle the service, you can also help maintain your heater by regularly dusting or vacuuming the appliance’s grill. This allows for the free flow of air into the space being heated.

For people in Geelong gas heater servicing is as easy calling Morgan Electrics and Gas to book a service time. Please contact our friendly team today.