May 6, 2021

A fully functional air conditioning and split system can be the difference on a cold day between the temperature being bearable or unbearable inside your home. Don’t let your service history fall behind.

That’s why the experts at Morgan Electrical and Gas are here to assist you with your split system servicing in Armstrong Creek, the fastly booming hotspot area.

A split system air conditioning unit enables full climate control in the home, allowing ultimate comfort inside whilst the Victorian weather treats you to four seasons in a day. Not only is a split system a great investment due to it being cost effective, quiet and allows you to set different temperatures for individual rooms, it allows for full comfort anywhere you go, no matter if you have cold spots in your home or no sun protection to escape the harsh conditions that are so common down on the Surf-Coast.

However, if your split system air conditioning unit malfunctions or suddenly starts to cause some headaches, the team at Morgan Electrics and Gas are more than happy to come out and provide servicing to ensure a place of comfort remains in your home like it always should.

Regular servicing of your split system is the best way to stay on top of your system being fully functional, whilst also decreasing the chance of errors or break downs further down the track.

The team at Morgan’s are fully fledged to provide Armstrong Creek residents with regular servicing of their split system, leavingĀ  you and your family cosy for many years to come. When met with outstanding service at a cost-effective price, there is nowhere else that can provide such a service in the region.

So call the team now for any of your split servicing needs in Armstrong Creek. With 55+ years as the premier electrical and gas servicer in the Geelong and surrounding regions, you can’t go wrong.