July 27, 2021

A healthy split system can be a game-changer for your Torquay home in 2021, keeping you warm in the winter whilst also providing fresh cool air on a stuffy summer afternoon.

That’s why the experts at Morgan Electrical and Gas are here to assist you with your split system servicing in Torquay, at an affordable price that is always professional and done to the highest standard to get your system back on track and operating to the best of its abilities.

A split system unit enables full climate control for the entire room it’s installed into, dispersing heat or cooling throughout the air from a single unit. This can allow full ultimate comfort no matter where you are in the room by either warming you up on one of those cold winter days with a glass of red wine in hand under a blanket or cooling you down during a hot summers day on the couch with a cocktail at your disposal.

Not only is a split system a great investment due to it being cost-effective, quiet, and easy to use, a split system is all organized through a single remote and can be tailored with temperature, airflow, and much more through, making it super user friendly to operate.

A split system is made up of both an outdoor unit which contains the condenser and compressor and then the inside unit which is often connected to a furnace or a heat pump and can be tailored according to your needs.

However, if your split system air conditioning unit malfunctions or suddenly starts to cause some headaches, the team at Morgan Electrics and Gas can provide top-line servicing to ensure you and your family are comfortable and safe at all times.

Regular servicing of the split system is the best way to stay on top of it being fully functional, whilst also decreasing the chance of errors or breakdowns, with every service contributing to the overall longevity of your appliance.

The team at Morgan’s is honored to provide Torquay residents with regular servicing of their split system, leaving you and your safe and satisfied. When met with outstanding service at a cost-effective price, there is nowhere else that can provide such a service in the region at such a high standard.

So call the team now for any of your split servicing needs in Torquay. With 55+ years as the premier electrical and gas servicer in the Geelong and surrounding regions, you can’t go wrong.