July 24, 2017

If you want to ensure your central heating or wall furnace unit is performing efficiently this winter, turn to the specialists in heater servicing in Geelong.

And that’s us – Morgan Electrics and Gas. Our professional team can capably inspect, service and repair gas and electric heaters so you can stay warm this winter.

All heating systems need regular attention to ensure they keep working at their optimum level. And when you have an older central heating unit or wall furnace, it’s even more important. If these ‘mature’ household workhorses falter, it doesn’t mean they should be condemned straight away with little or no testing. Instead, let our team check over the heater to find what the problem is before you spend big bucks replacing it.

We’re straight shooters and we’ll tell you if we think it’s not worth repairing. But if it merely needs a service or affordable repair we’ll happily handle it for you in your home, leaving you with an efficiently-running appliance rather than the expense of buying a new one. New is not always necessary.

When it comes to our heater servicing Geelong people can save money in the long run by booking our team for a quick and affordable tune-up. It’s all about identifying any small problems before they become costly headaches. People are diligent about car repairs and heaters are no different – the more efficiently they operate, the cheaper your running costs and the lower the risk of break down.

Heating units and appliances across the region are getting a serious winter workout this month. On frosty mornings, chilly days and cold nights, they’re keeping homes and businesses warm and residents comfortable. But, like all equipment, they are not invincible. If your rooms are too hot or cold, perhaps there’s a problem with the thermostat. Is the heating system `talking’ to you with a constant hum or vibration? And are you confident there’s no toxic carbon monoxide leaking from your gas heater?

Our experienced and qualified team can efficiently service a wide range of heating products from companies including Rinnai, Bonaire and Vulcan.

For professional heater servicing Geelong people can trust the experienced team from Morgan Electrics and Gas to carry out quality work at an affordable price. Please contact us to book a service for your central heating or wall furnace to ensure it continues to work well and keep you warm this winter and beyond.