August 28, 2017

With heating a huge contributor to household energy consumption, now is a good time to turn to wall heater servicing professionals in Geelong to ensure your winter workhorse is performing efficiently.

Wall heater units, both electric and gas, play a major role in keeping our homes comfortable as the temperature drops and the chill-factor rises. At Morgan Electrics and Gas, we know that regular servicing can help them to run at their optimum level so your comfort, safety and energy bill don’t take an unpleasant hit.

Our team has wide experience providing the wall heater servicing Geelong clients can trust for a professional result. Wall heaters are a popular heating choice and, from our point of view, they are easy to access and usually pretty easy to repair and maintain.

This form of heater is available in many brands. While we can and do service all brands for our customers, the main ones we deal with in households across the region are Rinnai, Vulcan and Braemar.

If you break down household energy use, experts put heating and cooling at up to 40 per cent of total consumption. That’s a lot. And if your heater isn’t working efficiently, that figure can rise and so can your energy bills.

Our quality technicians are happy to attend onsite to pick up any problems with your unit’s thermostat and fan and check to ensure it is not leaking deadly carbon monoxide fumes into your home.

While regular servicing allows you to keep on top of any heater issues that may occur, you can also call us whenever you think there’s a definite problem with your wall heater. Perhaps it’s making an unusual noise or keeps coming on and off all the time? Is the wall really hot to touch or discoloured around the unit? These can all be signs that it’s time to book a service.

With weeks of cool weather still ahead, ensure the performance of your wall heater this winter and spring with our help. When it comes to quality wall heater servicing Geelong people can’t go wrong with the experienced team from Morgan Electrics and Gas. Please contact us to arrange a service.