August 26, 2019

Have you booked our experts to carry out the split system servicing Geelong people rely on before summer hits?

Yes, we know it feels like summer is a long way off. But as spring emerges from a frosty winter, the hotter months are really just around the corner. And before you know it sweltering heat will be part of day-to-day living once again.

So before you start planning your beach getaway or where you’re going to celebrate New Year’s Eve, think about ensuring ultimate comfort in your own home. Think about the work your trusty air conditioner has in front of it. Then think about specialists who can carry out quality split system servicing in Geelong.

That’s when you contact Morgan Electrics And Gas to book our experienced team of plumbers to service your home’s split system.

September is the perfect time to ensure your split system is working optimally before the hot weather hits. All equipment – especially if it has been working hard over winter to keep temperatures comfortable – needs maintenance to run efficiently.

Regular maintenance keeps split systems running well, which also helps electricity costs to stay as low as possible. Servicing also allows our team to catch any small issues before they grow into expensive problems.

Once you book, we visit your home to inspect and service your split system, helping you to stay cool this summer.

When it comes to split system servicing Geelong people trust our team for a quality result. For more information or to book our services, contact Morgan Electrics and Gas.