October 31, 2019

With temperatures already marching into the 30s across the region this October, it’s a timely reminder to book in split system servicing in Geelong.

Warm weather in not just on the way, it’s already arrived. And that means split system air conditioners will take a beating as people strive to keep cool in their homes.

That’s why the air conditioning experts at Morgan Electrics and Gas recommend you organise professional servicing for your unit before summer wreaks havoc on your comfort level.

It’s inevitable that your split system will need a service to ensure it runs efficiently and at an optimal level. Getting it serviced on the cusp of summer means you can get the most out of it right through those sweltering, hot months ahead.

From experience, there’s nothing worse than seeking the cool comfort of your air conditioner on a hot day only to find it doesn’t work. That’s when tempers become hot too.

Our experienced team of tradies will have your split system serviced quickly and easily, allowing you to enjoy a cool home with confidence. If your unit requires any repairs, we are happy to handle them promptly as well.

When it comes to split system servicing Geelong people can count on our team for quality work. We’re experienced, professional and reliable and we won’t let you down.

It’s also worth considering the other benefits that flow with air conditioner servicing. Regular maintenance ensures your unit works efficiently, which helps to keep your power bills down. It can also increase the unit’s lifespan.

If you would like to book in split system servicing for your air conditioner in Geelong, please contact Morgan Electrics and Gas today.